Zoo Snooze

Are you passionate about animals and the environment? Do you want to know more about the how Taronga Zoo works behind the scenes and have a taste of the Youth at the Zoo program? Do you fancy sleeping under the stars and waking up to the sounds of the animals? This is the adventure for you.

Level: Easy

Equipment needed: Groundsheet large enough to wrap yourself in as you will be sleeping under the stars; lightweight backpack suitable to pack overnight gear for adventure  (big enough for clothes, toiletries and sleeping bag, sleeping mat and groundsheet plus snacks for the day)

Skills required: None

Extra Cost: $0

Transport: Participants will be travelling by public transport during this adventure. Free Public Transport has been provided through the generous support of the NSW Roads and Martine Services.

julia bryant  zoo4  18 Taronga Zoo 1  20 Taronga Zoo 3  25 View from Bird Show area  28 Flying foxes  37 Koala 9  DSCF5159  zoo cable car.jpg