Spring Flower Expedition

Hike from Waterfall to Heathcote through fabulous photogenic scenery. Camp overnight at the beautiful Ulooloo Falls and enjoy local stories and culture from an aboriginal educator. Stop for lunch at Karloo Pools on the way out. You will enjoy springtime flowers, magnificent views and amazing heathlands. There is a short challenging climb after lunch on the second day up from Karloo Pools. This activity will involve bush toileting using a trowel so a good idea to practise this before you come to Jamboree.

Level: Medium- includes one hard climb out of Karloo Pools

Equipment needed: Hiking backpack suitable to carry overnight camping gear, hiking boots or sturdy shoes worn in, headlamp or torch, small trowel or scoop for toileting, camel pack if you prefer that to drink bottles, map case if you have one (otherwise map in ziplock bag will be supplied)

Skills required: Ability to carry own pack for two days.

Extra Cost: $0