Registrations CLOSED:

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The Jamboree ID number explained:

State or member country is first then three numbers (ie 213) indicate

Group 2 (Parramatta River),       Sub-camp 1,     Patrol 3

Note- All five girls who are in Group 2, Sub-camp 1 and Patrol 3 are 213.

The rest of the numbers are your Database Registration number – this is specific to each participant.

For Example – if you are from Western Australia in the above patrol with the registration number of 24 – your Jamboree ID number is WA21300024

When labelling all your belongings you only need to put your initals and the three numbers of your Group/Sub-Camp/Patrol. EG Wendy Brown would label her belongings with WB213. This will ensure that anything will find its way back to your group, sub-camp and then to your patrol and you.


Group 1 – Sydney Harbour – Orange

Group 2 – Parramatta River – Purple

Group 3 – Lane Cove River – Red

Group 4 – Georges River – Bright Pink

Group 5 – Nepean River – Blue

Group 6 – Cooks River – Yellow

Group 7 – Woronora River – Bright Green



NOTE:   Part time opportunities are listed below and also on the documents tab.

Applications for Sydney Jamboree 2018 will close on 6th May, 2018 (midnight AEST).  Full payment for the Jamboree is due at that time.   Activities will be allocated and advised by 13th May and any related costs will be due in full by 30th May.

Participants are able to register at any time up until the closing date ie you can register at any time and start making payments up until 6h May, 2018 – when you will need to pay in full.

Activity (Adventures and Expedition) allocations will be made using a random ballot system and girls will be advised by 13th May.    Any girls who choose, and are allocated, an activity which incurs further cost will have the fee added to their invoice at that time.

If you have applied for the Bridge Climb you will be allocated to this activity in addition to your Adventure or Expedition.

Participants who would like to make further payments or more regular payments should log in to their database invoice page, choose ‘other payment’ and type in the amount being paid in the appropriate place.   The database will automatically allocate this payment to your account and show the outstanding figure at the bottom.

The Sydney Jamboree 2018 Application Database pages each have a Help button (blue circle with a white H).   Please read the provided information which will assist you with the application process.  There is some useful information you can be gathering to be prepared for Registrations –

For All:

You will need to have the following information to enter into the data base:-

State Membership Number and expiry date

URGENT ATTENTION:  If your State membership is due to expire prior to 6th May, 2018 please pay immediately to ensure your application to Sydney Jamboree 2018 is not jeopardised in the event you are an unfinancial member in your State.    All participants must be validated as a current member of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts to allow full access to the application database and complete all areas, make a payment and submit your application.    Once you have paid, wait 10 days to allow for the validation to be carried out and, check your expire date is correct on your application.

NOTE: Once you have submitted your membership number, you will see a RED flag.  This will remain RED until your State validates that you are a current member.  When this is done, the flag will change to GREEN and then you will be able to finalise your application.  This may take up to three (3) business days (Monday to Friday)

ID Photo – All participants at Sydney Jamboree 2018 will be required to wear an ID name badge at all times.   You will need to attach a photo to your application.  This photo should clearly show your face – as with a passport photo but you are able to be smiling.  If you are using a ‘happy snap’ please ensure your face is clearly visible.   The Jamboree Database Team may edit your photo for clarity.

Medicare number – i.e: 2167 57338 2 2   (full number including the number you are on the card)

Details of your Next of Kin – someone who will be contactable during Sydney Jamboree and is not be attending the Jamboree themselves.

The name of the Unit / District / Region you regularly attend.

An email address for the participant and a second email (parents or partner or someone else who can contact you if primary email is not responding.

To benefit from the 10% Early Bird discount offer you will need to tick the Initial Deposit, Second Payment and Third Payment boxes to pay in full OR ensure you make all three payments before midnight AEST 31st July 2017.

Induction: ALL participants need to complete the site induction before attending Sydney Jamboree. Click here, and log into your Jamboree Registration, then click on the induction tab. Carefully read the information and answer the questions.

For Youth:

Chat with your friends; are they joining you at Sydney Jamboree 2018? If you would like to be in the same patrol as one or two of your friends you will need their Jamboree Database Registration number.   While we are finalising the database you can check with your friends and be ready.    The Jamboree Planning Committee will endeavour to place the girls together in a patrol.  NOTE:  the girls must be in the same age group ie   10-14 or 14-17.  Girls who are in different aged Groups will not be patrolled together.

For Adults:Read through the Adventures and Expeditions, (there are lots to choose from for each age group) and be ready to select the Adventure or Expedition you would like to challenge yourself to.

Adults will also require:-

Working with Children Check (or equivalent) number and expiry

Current role in Girl Guides / Girl Scouts

Current Qualifications


The process of the database is;

1.  Register as a new user – your emails will be validated and the validate box  beside your email addresses will go green.

2.  Fill in your Guiding details (flag will stay red until you are validated by your State).

3.  Participant submits application when the membership flag is green and all details are completed.

4.  Participant is advised payment is available to be made.

Leader / Manager / Adult Part time Attendance:

There are opportunities for Leaders / Managers / adult members and supporters  (18+ at 30th September, 2018) to attend Sydney Jamboree 2018 for a specific period.

  • Residential (on site) for Leaders / Managers / female adult members Sunday 30th September to Monday 1st October.
  • Residential (off site) for Leaders / Managers / female adult members Wednesday 3rd to Thursday 4th October.
  • Non-residential off site day on Tuesday 2nd October for all adults who would like to join us and support the youth participants during their City Adventure.
  • Trefoil Guild members may apply to attend one or two days on site Monday 1st October and/or Friday 5th October to assist at the Trefoil information marquee.

Part time participants will be assigned to Sydney Harbour Group (adult Group) and allocated as required.

All part time participants will be required to apply via the Sydney Jamboree database and will be allocated security participant pass.  All will require a volunteer Working with Children Check  –  Full payment of participant fee will be required by 31st March, 2018.    Residential part time participants will receive the Jamboree Kit (shirt, bag, hat, drink bottle, badges).

Register via:


One day off site                                      Tuesday 2/1                                                       $40

Trefoil  Guild Info Marquee on site         Monday 1/10 or Friday 5/10                               $70

Trefoil Guild Info Marquee on site          Monday 1/10 and Friday 5/10                            $95


Two days off site overnight                   Wednesday 3/10 to Thursday 4/10                      $210

Two days one night on site                  Sunday 30/9 to Monday 1/10                                $260

State Liaisons:

For information on individual State contingents and travel arrangements, contact your State liaison.