FAQ # 8, 28TH JUNE, 2018

Jamboree Badges – If you missed out ordering via the database (now closed) you can send email direct to our supplier this week (finishes Friday 29th June) to be included in the order.   sales@badgeman.com.au.   We have had the opportunity to give this option to our participants.

This information has already been provided on Team Apps and social media.

Team App – Team App is in place for all Groups.   This is a secure method of communication for Group Leaders and Sub-camp Leaders to provide information, pertaining to the Group and Jamboree, to parents and girls on each Group PRIOR to the Jamboree. Team App invites were sent to all Group members using the email address validated for each participant on the database.   Parents/girls are able to request a second email. The second email will either be approved as listed on the application as secondary or by NOK listed on the application.


Please see the Jamboree Website if you are having any difficulties.   Sydney Jamboree – Guide to Team App is listed on the Youth, Adult and Document tabs.


During the Jamboree information updates will be given verbally to girls by Group and Sub-camp Leaders and during morning Camp Colours (gathering of all participants). Information will also be posted on Group and site Noticeboards. The information may also be added to the Team Apps BUT as many girls and leaders will not have devices at Sydney Jamboree we will be ensuring all information is verbally provided and notices posted.


The handbook states for all participants – Devices are not to be used during meals, activities (unless as a camera), during rostered duties, early or late (consider other participants) or when requested by Leader to secure your device in your backpack or suitable place.

When will I know which Adventure or Expedition I have been allocated?

The allocated Adventure or Expedition was advised to participants during May.   If unsure you can check on the database Camping Tab – at the bottom of the page it says eg:

faqs 8

If there is an extra cost it is shown and transferred direct to your invoice.

Travelling to Sydney Jamboree

Please contact your State Contingent Leader if unsure of your travel arrangements.


Tasmania                               volunteer@guidestas.org.au

New South Wales & ACT     outdoor@girlguides-nswact.org.au

Northern Territory                  abcdgl@bigpond.net.au

Queensland                           jamboree@guidesqld.org

South Australia                     bev@functionalbusiness.com.au

Victoria                                   Sydneyjamboree@guidesvic.org.au

Western Australia                 info@girlguideswa.org.au



NSW&ACT Region Contingents – Your Region Manager or a Region Jamboree Liaison will be arranging your transport to Sydney Jamboree.


International Contingents – You will arrive at Sydney International Airport and Sydney Jamboree Logistics Manager will ensure we have buses to collect you and transport you to the Jamboree site.


How can I order Jamboree items from online: See www.girlguides-nswact.org.au and go to Guide Shop – shop online.


Labelling your Belongings:   Following from above information – if your name is Brenda Wilson and you are in Group 2, Sub-camp 1, Patrol 1 – you will label your belongings BW211.

Everyone will be sent a bag tag in the colour of their Group when the kitbags are delivered in August.


Kitl ist information – International participants are not required to bring a mess kit or any bedding. Small stool or chair has been added to the kit list. The small triangle shaped chairs or lightweight smaller folding chair will fit in your kitbag.    The extra items for Adventures/Expeditions (if any) will be added to the Website this week.


Mental Health First Aid – Thankyou for the replies to the option to attend a Mental Health First Aid Course. Unfortunately, we did not gain sufficient interest.   Mental Health First Aid Australia has given permission for us to provide this link to their website https://mhfa.com.au/   On this site you are able to go to available courses (Australia wide), search on YOUTH (ideal for us as overlaps into adult) and book into a course which suits you.   These courses are booked direct with the accredited course facilitator and NOT through the MHFA organisation, this means the costs are varied.   This is not compulsory for participants and is only suggested.   There are currently a couple of spaces in the course being held 6/7 August in Blacktown.


Sydney Harbour Group– There has been some chatter regarding the tasks assigned to adults allocated to Sydney Harbour Group. So just a reminder from FAQ # 7 – This will be a very fun Group to be part of.   The Group Leader has contacted all Group members and their Team App is popular. If you are on Sydney Harbour Group you will be allocated to all areas of the site to assist when and as required.   You may also be off site into the City all day on 2nd October as part of the support team for City Explore.   You may also be allocated to attend other one day Adventures with 10-14 girls in a supervisory role. You will be allocated around the site to assist at activities.

Also, you may be assisting with distributing food to Groups, moving light equipment around for activities, assisting with Security during large departures and arrivals off and on site.


Bridge Climb – Sydney Jamboree Leadership Team is in touch with the Bridge Climb office.  We will advise as soon as we have any information.


Attention all NSW&ACT 14-17 girls and leaders – we are seeking the use of dome tents for the girls and leaders on the two 14-17 year-old Groups.   If you have a 2,3,4,5 person tent which you are happy to bring to the Jamboree (we can arrange pick up of bulk tents if your District has tents to loan). These tents will be allocated to these two Groups and may be then used during the Expeditions off site Wednesday and Thursday.   Please let us know if you are able to assist – convenor.jamboree18@girlguides-nswact.org.au.


Parking for private vehicles at Sydney Jamboree – there is limited parking for private vehicles. Those who have requested a parking space should have been contacted by their Team Manager requesting details of the vehicle and arrival and departure dates.   Jamboree Participants are not able to park in the Blaxland Park, Riverside Armory Café parking areas – these areas are used in full during the day by visitors to the area.   If you do not need to drive – please travel with your contingent to Jamboree or carpool with another if you are required to arrive earlier than 30th September.   If you have not requested a carpark spot – and have approval from the Logistics Manager – there will not be a parking space allocated.   Parking provided is a short walk from the Jamboree site and is not in a Sydney Olympic Park parking zone.   Please ensure your vehicle is able to be secured appropriately, do not leave valuables etc in the vehicle.   You park at your own risk (as with any other provided carpark).


Girl Guides Membership – please check your membership expiry date (to State or National organisations). Please ensure you pay early so that you do not become unfinancial prior to, or during, Sydney Jamboree 2018.


Thank you for reading FAQ # 8.


If you have any queries:   convenor.jamboree18@girlguides-nswact.org.au

Sydney Jamboree 2018 Leadership Team



For previous FAQs refer to the documents page.