The Sydney Jamboree 2018 application database opened on 6th July.   We have added information to the Help sections of each page and also to the Registrations tab on the website.

Often asked questions:


When do applications close? – midnight (AEST) 6th May, 2018


Am I able to register after the 31st August, 2017 – yes you can register to attend Sydney Jamboree 2018 at any time prior to, and including, 6th May, 2018.   Full payment for the Jamboree is due on 6th May, 2018 any further Adventure/Expedition costs will be added to your invoice when allocations are finalized.


Can I add my friends’ Registration number later? – yes you can add your friends’ Registration number after they have registered.   Go to the Camping tab > go to My Patrol > nominate one or two of your friends you would like to be patrolled with by entering their Registration Number in the provided boxes.   NOTE:   Girls must be in the same age group ie 10-14 or 14-17. You will not be patrolled with girls not in your age group.


Can I change my activity choices? – yes you can change your activity choices until early in 2018. The Jamboree Leadership team may need to make changes to Adventure/Expedition choices (due to minimum numbers, for some activities, not being reached) – participants will be notified and be able to make adjustments if necessary.   Where we have to allocate participants to Adventures/Expeditions, there will be a random ballot after applications close.


Harbour Bridge Climb – will I be able to participate? – If you tick Yes to Harbour Bridge Climb you will be able to participate. This activity is not part of the Adventure / Expedition choices. There is an extra cost: youth 10-15 is $210 and 16-17 and adults is $310.   You will notice this amount added to your invoice.


Is there information to help us on the database? – There is also Help ? on every database page, read the advice on each section page, view the Help information and the website data – there is also an email link included if you have queries not covered in the information.


Is my photo OK? – Your Sydney Jamboree 2018 will be worn at all times during the Jamboree. You do need to provide a clear photo of yourself – similar to a passport photo, however you can smile.   If it is necessary the Jamboree Database team will edit photos to better suit our security requirements.


The Payment and Cancellation Policy is listed on the database and also on the website.


I will be an adult (over 18) at the time of the Jamboree, can I apply? – Yes!   The database will recognise your date of birth and allow you to nominate an adult role during your application process.


I am in the Trefoil Guild – can I apply? – Yes, you are welcome to apply to be a member of Sydney Harbour Group. You, along with the other Group members, will be rostered throughout the Jamboree to provide support where and as required. You will need a WWCC current and your Girl Guide State membership number and expiry date.

As a Trefoil Guild member you are also able to apply in a Part time capacity to assist with the Trefoil Guild information area on Monday and/or Friday.


Am I able to change my shirt size? – The shirt size chart has been updated on the database – please check the size you have provided.   You are able to change your size until we advise – via email – that no further changes may be made to sizing due to supplier timeframes etc.   Follow the procedure on the database to ensure the size is most appropriate for you.


For previous FAQs refer to the documents page.