FAQ # 6 – 1ST MARCH, 2018

UPDATE:   When do applications close? – Midnight (AEST) 6th May, 2018 – all payments of the Jamboree fee must be paid in full at this time.


Girls MUST be between 10 years old on or before 1st June, 2018 and 17 years old at 30th September, 2018.   This information has been advertised continuously on all documents and the website since December, 2016.


Please review your application – have you added your photo?   You photo should be similar to that required in a passport photo (you can smile).   If you find your photo has a rejected tag it is because we cannot see your face clearly and you need to upload a new photo please.


Review your medical and health information.   If anything has changed please ensure the information is included on the database.


When will I complete the Site Induction Quiz – The Induction Information Page for Sydney Jamboree will be available on the database on 10th March. You will see information and a quiz to complete and then follow the instructions to have it recorded that you have completed the Site Induction. All participants (youth and adults) are required to read the information and complete the short quiz to gain useful and important information relating to the history, heritage and environment of Sydney Jamboree 2018 at Newington Armory.


When will I know which Adventure or Expedition I have been allocated?   We will be allocating your Adventures and Expeditions by 13th May.   If you have chosen an Adventure or Expedition with an extra cost, this will be added to your invoice as soon as you are allocated.

 ALL extra fees for the Bridge Climb, Adventures and Expeditions must be paid in full by 31st May, 2018


Can my parents transport me to and from Sydney Jamboree?   All youth participants, and adults not required to arrive early due to their role, will arrive with their Contingent on a bus/coach (as mentioned above).   Parents are not able to drop girls to Sydney Jamboree 2018.   The Logistics Manager is planning a schedule for the many coaches which will be required to ensure all arrive safety and are disembarked as efficiently as possible.

How will I travel to Sydney Jamboree 2018?    Each Contingent Liaison is responsible for arranging transport to Sydney Jamboree.     All participants must arrive as part of their International, Australian State or NSW&ACT Region Contingent.


Australian State Contingents – Each State Liaison/State Contingent Leader is arranging transport for participants from the state.  Be sure you have read the information on the Contingent tab on the Database.  You will be able to see the information related to your own state.     If you do not see State information on the Contingent tab please contact your State Liaison/Contingent Leader, on the email listed below, for the information.


Tasmania                               volunteer@guidestas.org.au

New South Wales & ACT       outdoor@girlguides-nswact.org.au

Northern Territory                   abcdgl@bigpond.net.au

Queensland                             jamboree@guidesqld.org

South Australia                       bev@functionalbusiness.com.au

Victoria                                   Sydneyjamboree@guidesvic.org.au

Western Australia                   info@girlguideswa.org.au



NSW&ACT Region Contingents – Your Region Manager or a Region Jamboree Liaison will be arranging your transport to Sydney Jamboree.


International Contingents – You will arrive at Sydney International Airport and Sydney Jamboree Logistics Manager will ensure we have buses to collect you and transport you to the Jamboree site.


Will I need to walk around at Sydney Jamboree?  Yes, you will be walking every day on site from your Group area to the activity areas.   This is an easy walk along sealed paths or on grass – but will be 5-10 mins from your Groups.   You will also be walking during the activities, both on and off site.

Also, you will be walking during your chosen activities, especially if you have chosen one of the wonderful opportunities for hiking being offered.


Now is the time to increase your daily walk distance. This will build stamina and ensure adults will enjoy the relaxing walks whilst having a blast in your allocated role and girls will have a wonderful time at your Adventures, Expeditions and on site participating in all the of the fantastic activities.


If you are planning new boots/shoes – it is best to buy soon to allow your feet to train them (break in). This will avoid any foot issues which can arise when you increase walking in new, untrained shoes.


Can I choose to camp with a friend – YES – both youth and adult participants are able to nominate one or two others to be patrolled / allocated with. The Jamboree Leadership team will do their best to ensure you are patrolled together.   See the ‘help’ section in the database for instructions. You will need the Jamboree ID of your friends – this is found on the right hand side of the grey line on the database application page.


If you are hoping to be patrolled with or allocated with another participant, please remind your friends to begin the application process now to allow you to exchange Jamboree ID numbers. You BOTH need to list the Jamboree ID number for each other to ensure we have the details.


What type of Lanterns do I need to bring? Lanterns, torches, tent lights etc ALL must be either solar powered or battery.


I am a Youth member – can I attend if my Unit Leader is not ? – YES, definitely. There are numerous Leaders attending Sydney Jamboree.   Many girls attend without the Leaders from their own unit. You will be patrolled with girls you know (see above) or with others who you will make friends with.   It is entirely up to you and your parents/carers to decide if you attend Sydney Jamboree.   Your Unit Leader is not required to attend but should ensure you are prepared – you may provide her with a copy of the Jamboree Pre-Camp Skills and Knowledge/Youth, from the website.


Will I need any extra money during Sydney Jamboree 2018? All meals and accommodation are included within your Jamboree fee. However, there will be opportunities for you to attend the Jamboree Café (snacks, icecreams etc), Jamboree Retail Shop – general Girl Guide retail items and other personal needs you may require during the Jamboree, Karris Hangout (funds raised to assist Koala Foundation) chocolates and badges. Sydney Jamboree participants will also be visiting the city during the Jamboree and may access shops and cafes etc.


Am I able to bring my mobile phone / device and charge during Sydney Jamboree?   You are able to bring your phone / device – NOTE: Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Sydney Jamboree Planning Committee, Girl Guides Australia do not accept responsibility for your electronic devices.   Please ensure your phone, case and charger have your name and camp number on them.   Please ensure you do bring your charger (cord and plug). We have Lost & Device team at Sydney Jamboree, who will charge your device within their building.


What is included in the Sydney Jamboree kit I will receive?   You will receive, a Sydney Jamboree 2018 polo shirt, wheeled duffle bag with bag tags, sports drink bottle, bucket hat in your Group colour, Sydney Jamboree badge, lanyard and cloth tote bag.   The Sydney Jamboree Planning Committee is working hard to ensure your duffle bag is available for you to pack your belongings in to bring to the Jamboree – you will receive the rest of your kit when you arrive.


Can I change my Adventure and Expedition choices?   Yes, you are able to change your preferences until close of registrations on 6th May.   However, it will assist the Planning Committee if you review and make choices now.   Chat with your friends and login to your application to add your preferences.   You will not be able to change your mind after 6th May.


Do I need an email address?   The email address you have used to validate your application should be your main email address until after Sydney Jamboree. This will ensure you receive any specific notifications and information from the Planning Committee, your Contingent Leader, Group Leader and eventually your Sub-camp Leader.


Am I able to change my hat and shirt sizes? Yes, please login to your application, review the sizing information and check you have ordered the correct size shirt and hat.


Bridge Climb?   Are you thinking about participating in this amazing activity at Sydney Jamboree.   Please log in to your application and tick Yes.


Can I work on Sub-camp in a Services role?   Yes, due to the number of adults applying to attend Sydney Jamboree we have added an extra role to Sub-camp teams. This will be Sub-camp Services. This person will assist the Group Services Leader in managing equipment and hygiene services within the Sub-camp and Group. This role requires an adult member of Girl Guides Australia or WAGGGS member organisation.   If you have already applied as a Sub-camp team and would like to add another specific leader to your team , please email convenor.jamboree18@girlguides-nswact.org.au and provide the name of the person who will be allocated to Sub-camp Services.   The Position Description for this role will be added to the website.






For previous FAQs refer to the documents page.