FAQ # 10, 10TH SEPTEMBER, 2018


With only a couple of weeks before we all come together for a week of fun and friendship we provide this information as the final FAQ for Sydney Jamboree.   Information is based on last minute queries from Leaders and parents.


All FAQ have provided extra information to participants as it has become available or as the decisions have been made – based on the Planning Committee finalizing arrangements for on site and/or off site activities.


Information for Participants – Please go to the Jamboree Website for updated information. All information for you/your participant is included on the website.   There are further social stories to assist participants with preparation, updated Adventure and Expedition information and FAQ pages are available.   All documents are also on the Documents tab.

Climbing the Bridge? – check out the new Be Prepared information for the Climb.

Website:         https://sydneyjamboree.girlguides.org.au

Enquiries:        convenor.jamboree18@girlguides-nswact.org.au


Labelling your Belongings Reminder from previous FAQ information – if your name is Brenda Wilson and you are in Group 2, Sub-camp 1, Patrol 1 – you will label your belongings BW211.

Everyone has been sent a bag tag in the colour of their Group with their kitbag. If you have a day pack perhaps put a piece of ribbon in the same colour on the bag.

Girl Guides Membership – please check your membership expiry date (to State or National organisations). Please ensure you pay early so that you do not become unfinancial prior to, or during, Sydney Jamboree 2018.

Waivers / Indemnity / Induction – have you returned any waivers for Adventures / Expeditions / BridgeClimb – these were emailed and due back by the end of August (canyoning by 7th September).

The Indemnity permission note and Induction are both on the website and need to be completed.   No need to print – just tick the boxes and answer any questions.

If Jamboree Administration have not received the Waivers for activities you may be unable to participate in your allocated Adventure or Expedition. Please ensure you have returned these documents.

Swaps – these have been getting lots of chatter on TeamApps.   Maybe bring some small safety pins to attach them to your hat (if you want to).

How much Money should I send to Jamboree? – We are not advising on an amount for you to provide to your participant – it is not our intention to tell you what you should or should not provide/afford. There are the opportunities for accessing shops – on and off site – which will be included in Sydney Jamboree 2018 –

Karri’s Canteen –                    open each day for a set time – soft drink, chips, chocolates, healthy snacks

Icecream Stall –                       open each day for set times – icecreams & iceblocks

Karri’s Hangout –                     chocolate koalas – supporting the Koala Foundation

Karri Koala – soft mascot –    Available in Karri’s Hangout – limited supply (cost $15 cash only)

Retail Shop –                           Girl Guides NSW & ACT Retail shop will stock the Jamboree items currently on the online shop and other Girl Guides items credit/debit card available (no Amex or Diners and no cash out available)

Go to:https://guideshop.vendecommerce.com/collections/jamboree-clothing

Sarah’s on the Harbour –       Coffee pods for use in provided machines  (instant provided)(Adult Coffee Shop)

Tuesday 2nd Oct –                   All participants will be in the City for the day – shops, stalls, souvenirs

BridgeClimb –                          Souvenir shop.   (all other costs accounted for in the fee)

Adventures/Expeditions –       Many of these activities have access to shops for souvenirs or extra snack

Travelling to / from event –      All participants are travelling varying distances – some funds may be required to purchase meals on the way to or from the event. The Contingent Leader will advise.

Jamboree Event pin –             Will be available on site at the above on site locations (cost $5 cash only)

Jamboree badges –                 There are limited sets of database badges available in Karris Hangout (these are cash only)

We remind ALL participants – you are responsible for your phones, devices, wallet (money) and all belongings you bring to Sydney Jamboree.   See labelling info above!  Ensure the day pack/bag you bring to use has a suitable closure (zip or tie closed).

Handy Apps – there are some apps which you can add to your phone (if you wish) which will give you information which may assist during Sydney Jamboree 2018.

Toilet Finder (shows all public access toilets in your area)

Tripview   (gives all public transport timetables). Lite version is free.

Google maps or similar.

Emergency Plus App

Medical reminders – If you require regular injections of medications please bring your own sharps disposal container.     Please ensure you bring sufficient medications, supplements, consumable personal items etc to Sydney Jamboree to last you the entire time ie travel to Jamboree, during Jamboree, travel home from Jamboree and one full day spare.

Travel Clothing – Requests have been received regarding which shirt each state is wearing to travel to Jamboree. Contingent Leaders will advise each of the state contingents, however we have been provided:

Queensland:              State Contingent shirt, navy shorts/trousers/skirt, enclosed shoes

All other States:          Girl Guides Australia uniform shirt – navy shorts/trousers/skirt, enclosed shoes

Jamboree Polo Shirt – You will be wearing your Jamboree polo shirt for your Group photo on Monday afternoon but may wear other appropriate camp shirt during the day.   Tuesday will be a full day in the city and ALL participants will wear their Jamboree polo shirt and Jamboree hat.

Sunday 30th September – This will be a very exciting day.   After nearly three years of planning we will all come together to begin a week of fun and friendship, challenges, laughter and cooperation with each other to ensure Sydney Jamboree is an amazing event which will give us lifelong memories.

To help you be ready for the day, we offer this rundown of what to expect when you arrive:

Your coach will arrive near Newington Armory entry gate > you will be given some basic information while on the coach  > the coach will disembark and assist to unload the baggage (all girls will take a kitbag away from the bus to a holding area – here you will find your own bag)  >  you will then walk, with your gear, through the Newington Armory entry and along the Sydney Jamboree path – Leaders will be along the path to ensure you continue in the correct direction  > you will find your Group table (your kitbag tag is in the colour of your Group and the table cover on the table is in the same colour – so … if you have a Green Tag you will go to the table with the Green table cover >  you will tell the Leaders at the table your name ie Betty Brown and be given your security nametag and lanyard >  you will attach your card to the lanyard and put it on immediately >  you will continue to walk down the Sydney Jamboree path to the marshalling area where you will scan your id card which records you as being on site >  you will then continue (with Leader directions) down the path to your Group site and be welcomed by the Leaders on your site  > you will all then work together to ‘build’ your subcamp ie erect your patrol tents and set up home for the week >  during the afternoon Karri, Sydney Jamboree Mascot, has an activity to assist you to familiarise yourself with the entire site.

You will be issued with your tote bag containing your drink bottle, polo shirt, hat and badges when you are on your subcamp.

How to Pack your Bag – We have heard of some wonderful Contingent days where kit bags have been packed to show you how to do this. There is also a great page on the Website in the Be Prepared area of the Document page.

Kit List – go to the Website – kit list is included on the Camping tab AND on the Documents tab.

Do I need a shirt or something else in the Group colour – many of the participants will bring a shirt or other items in the group colour ie net skirt, socks or scarf etc.     Please check out your local op shops for these – if you want to only. These can be worn when on site.   Lots of chatter on TeamApp about this.

Database – please ensure you access the database before attending and ensure your medical information is correct – is your email correct? – are your contact details correct?

Contact phone number during Jamboree – if you need to contact the Jamboree Administration during Sydney Jamboree please call 0422022090.   This phone will be active from 30th September to 6th October.


If you have any Sydney Jamboree queries:   convenor.jamboree18@girlguides-nswact.org.au



Thank you for reading FAQ # 10.


Sydney Jamboree 2018 Leadership Team



For previous FAQs refer to the documents page.