FAQ # 7, 29TH APRIL, 2018


DATABASE – APPLICATIONS CLOSE MIDNIGHT AEST 6th MAY – however you must be validated by your State organisation to have your application approved SO   ….. you must have applied by 9 am 2nd May to allow your State organisation to approve your membership. Please do not delay until the weekend as your membership cannot be validated over the weekend.   Once your application has been validated, you need to continue providing information, correct photo, submit your application and then have your participant fee paid in full by close of applications.


Leader attendance – We have had some Leaders asking if we really need them to attend as they are not sure if they can get time off work.   We do have plenty of Leaders/Managers and other adults attending, whilst we appreciate the offer of attendance, we understand that there are many other commitments we all have and we will not be short of leaders if you are unable to attend.   You are welcome to join us on Tuesday 2nd October for the City Explore – read note further.


When will I know which Adventure or Expedition I have been allocated?   We will be allocating your Adventures and Expeditions by 13th May.   If you have chosen an Adventure or Expedition with an extra cost, this will be added to your invoice as soon as you are allocated.


ALL extra fees for the Bridge Climb, Adventures and Expeditions must be paid in full by 31st May, 2018


How will I travel to Sydney Jamboree 2018?

Can my parents transport me to and from Sydney Jamboree?   All youth participants, and adults not required to arrive early due to their role, will arrive with their Contingent on a bus/coach (as mentioned above).   Parents are not able to drop girls to Sydney Jamboree 2018.   The Logistics Manager is planning a schedule for the many coaches which will be required to ensure all arrive safety and are disembarked as efficiently as possible.    Adults who drive will need to request a car space via the database and there will be a cost involved (we have not been advised of this cost yet).


NSW&ACT Region Contingents – Your Region Manager or a Region Jamboree Liaison will be arranging your transport to Sydney Jamboree.


Each Contingent Liaison is responsible for arranging transport to Sydney Jamboree.     All participants must arrive, by bus or coach, as part of their International, Australian State or NSW&ACT Region Contingent.


Australian State Contingents – Each State Liaison/State Contingent Leader is arranging transport for participants from the state.  Be sure you have read the information on the Contingent tab on the Database.  You will be able to see the information related to your own state.     If you do not see State information on the Contingent tab please contact your State Liaison/Contingent Leader, on the email listed below, for the information.


Tasmania                                volunteer@guidestas.org.au

New South Wales & ACT       outdoor@girlguides-nswact.org.au

Northern Territory                   abcdgl@bigpond.net.au

Queensland                             jamboree@guidesqld.org

South Australia                       bev@functionalbusiness.com.au

Victoria                                   Sydneyjamboree@guidesvic.org.au

Western Australia                   info@girlguideswa.org.au



International Contingents – You will arrive at Sydney International Airport and Sydney Jamboree Logistics Manager will ensure we have buses to collect you and transport you to the Jamboree site.


Girl Guides Australia – State Contingent Shirt – Each State has developed their own Sydney Jamboree Contingent shirt and Contingent badge. If you have not been sent any information, please contact your Region Manager or Region Jamboree Liaison – note the Sydney Jamboree Planning committee has no responsibility for the arrangement of these items and is just providing this information for you to follow up.


How can I order Jamboree items from online: http://www.girlguides-nswact.org.au/GG/The_Guide_Shop/shop_online/GG/shop/Shop.aspx?hkey=c91e7425-70c0-4a44-9b19-b4a05578442c


What does Jamboree ID: Pending mean?: This number is on the database. Your Jamboree ID will be your campsite number and will be allocated after Registration closes.


What will the Jamboree ID look like?:   Every participant will be given a Jamboree ID number.   This will relate to the Group you are assigned to, the Sub-camp within the Group and the Patrol within the Sub-camp.   The Group names and colours can be found on the camping tab of the website.

For example – if you are allocated to Group 2 and you are further allocated to Sub-camp 1, Patrol 1 – your number would be 211 and your Group colour will be purple.

Your full number will reflect your State, Registration ID and Jamboree number.


Labelling your Belongings:   Following from above information – if your name is Brenda Wilson and you are in Group 2, Sub-camp 1, Patrol 1 – you will label your belongings BW211.


Everyone will be sent a bag tag in the colour of their Group when the kitbags are delivered in August.


Jamberoo Action Park – We are very pleased to advise that, in addition to other exciting Adventures, we are now offering Jamberoo Action Park for the 10-14 Adventure instead of Wet’n’Wild (now unavailable for reasons beyond our control).   All girls who have selected Wet’n’Wild as any of their preferences have had that preference changed to Jamberoo Park.   Alternatively, you may access the database and rechoose your Adventure if you would prefer not to attend Jamberoo Action Park.


Kitlist information – International participants are not required to bring a mess kit or any bedding. Also, the raincoat (not clear) has proved a large talking point.   If you can only locate a see through raincoat that will be OK – no need to ask if this will be suitable.


Stretcher and Chair – adults are able to request a stretcher and chair via the database.   The Stretchers will be around knee height. Five of these stretchers will fit in a bell tent.


Inflatable mats – please send a single sized mat with your participant – we need to fit 5 into all tents.


Food Handling Course – we are looking at allocations of leaders to Sub-camps currently.   If you are allocated to a Catering role it is suggested (NOT compulsory) that you consider completing an online Food Handling Course. There are several available one is via the Food Safety Australia website. You can apply, pay and complete the course online.   Again – this is suggested and NOT compulsory. What has been listed on the Jamboree Pre-Camp Knowledge is that all Caterers are conversant with the Further Learning document – Catering in the Outdoors – which is on the Jamboree Document page.


Mental Health First Aid – the Jamboree Planning Committee is organizing several Mental Health First Aid Courses to be available to our leaders attending Sydney Jamboree.   We are looking at using a Guide Hall in the Newcastle, south Central Coast or northern Sydney and South Coast areas for a two day course. We are also hoping to have a second instructor conduct a course in ACT. This course is a transferrable skill and can be listed on your CV, the course is accredited and conducted by an instructor from Mental Health Australia.   This cost will be approximately $80 per person.   Bring your own lunch and morning tea/afternoon tea will be provided.   The course will be two days in length and will be conducted before September.   You will receive a Mental Health First Aid manual and certificate and the this lasts for three years.   We feel that Girl Guides can only benefit from a higher number of our adults with the skills and training to manage First Aid in the Mental Health area, along with the current First Aid qualifications required.   We are seeking your interest and in which area you would attend – please email convenor.jamboree18@girlguides-nswact.org.auin the SUBJECT line put MENTAL HEALTH COURSE and please let us know if you would attend and which area you would prefer.


Exploring the City2nd October – Opportunity for Parents to join in the fun – we are intending to have a very exciting day in the city on 2nd October.   All girls will be travelling to the City to follow a range of instructions and explore interesting areas, enjoy the opportunities to experience a diverse range of sites – historical, cultural, heritage and interesting – and perhaps visit a shop or two.   We have the opportunity on the database for a ONE DAY off site role – the cost is $40 – you must apply through the Jamboree database and will be required to be validated if a member.   You will be issued with a security tag and Jamboree Supporter shirt to wear to indicate you are part of the team of supporters on the day.   Parents are welcome to come on board for this fun day – however you too need to apply via the database – you are will put Non-member in the Guiding Role area and will not be required to complete most other parts.   You will go to the camping page and click on Part time Non Residential worker – this means Tuesday – $40 will be invoiced on your Status page.


Adventure and Expedition Selection – Please review your Preferences for Adventures and Expeditions – YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE AFTER 6TH MAY.   As you will, I am sure, understand there is an enormous amount of logistics involved in arrange for over 1000 people to travel all over the Sydney and surrounding area and bookings that need to be made.   We will not be making changes once Adventures and Expeditions are allocated following close of registration on 6th May.


Sydney Harbour Group– There has been some chatter regarding the tasks assigned to adults allocated to Sydney Harbour Group. This will be a very fun Group to be part of.   The Group Leader will be emailing all Group members after 12th May (when adult allocations will be finalized). If you are on Sydney Harbour Group you will be allocated to all areas of the site to assist when and as required.   You will also be off site into the City all day on 2nd October as part of the support team for City Explore.   You may also be allocated to attend other one day Adventures with 10-14 girls in a supervisory role. You will be allocated around the site to assist at activities. Also, you may be assisting with distributing food to Groups, moving light equipment around for activities, assisting with Security during large departures and arrivals off and on site.


Attention all NSW&ACT 14-17 girls and leaders – we are seeking the use of dome tents for the girls and leaders on the two 14-17 year old Groups.   If you have a 2,3,4,5 person tent which you are happy to bring to the Jamboree (we can arrange pick up of bulk tents if your District has tents to loan). These tents will be allocated to these two Groups and may be then used during the Expeditions off site Wednesday and Thursday.   Please let us know if you are able to assist – convenor.jamboree18@girlguides-nswact.org.au.


Team App – All Groups will have a Team App for the Group and possibly then Sub-camp pages. Please ensure the email you have on the database is still the valid email for contact as this is the email which will be used to attach to your Group Team App.   This will then become the prime source of information for participants about the Group and Sub-camp life.   Watch for an email inviting you to join the Team App – probably after 20th May when Groups have their allocations.   Leaders may find they have their email prior to this date.


Pre – Jamboree Camps – We are very excited when we are sent photos and videos – great dancing Karri – of your Pre-Jamboree Camps and gatherings.   Please forward any photos you take at your camps to pr.jamboree18@girlguides-nswact.org.au – and confirm, when sending, that ALL persons identifiable in the photo have permission for their image to appear on social media.



For previous FAQs refer to the documents page.