Bridge Climb

This unique opportunity puts you way above the magnificent Sydney Harbour with a perfect view of the most beautiful city. After climbing ladders and stairs you make your way up the arch of the bridge to the top of the span.  The views are spectacular. Pick out the Sydney landmarks, waterways and further afield you can see as far as the Blue Mountains and turn around to see beaches and coves. The breath taking 360 degree views will not disappoint. For a unique experience, this is one not to miss.

You will join with others for this adventure on Tuesday afternoon whilst the rest of your patrol complete the activity in and around Sydney.

Open to all Youth and Adult participants.

Everyone who chooses the Bridge Climb option, via the Sydney Jamboree registration, will be participating in this spectacular activity. Your fee has been added to your payment status page. All payments for the Bridge Climb need to be finalised by 31st May 2018.

Visit Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb for more information.

Extra Cost:

Youth 10-15yrs:               $203

Youth 16+ and Adults:   $303

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