Karri’s Blog

Hi friends,

I’m Karri; Mascot for Sydney Jamboree 2018.

I will be spending the next 18 months travelling around visiting Girl Guides and promoting Sydney Jamboree 2018.
If you would like me to come and visit you, contact PR manager – Sally Woodhouse on sallywoodhouse02@gmail.com

So far I have visited NSW & ACT Senior Guides and Girl Guides NSW & ACT 2017 Regatta. I even got to have a go at Rowing.

How awesome are my friends!

Meet my awesome friends, Kylie, Jo and Helen! Kylie and Jo are the leaders in charge for Sydney Jamboree 2018 and Helen is the convenor. They’re working with an amazing committee to make sure we all have an awesome time when we all come to camp! Who’s excited!? What activities are you hoping to do at camp!? Stay tuned for my next post!21151354_10155029838092901_3774238358151904373_n