Sydney Jamboree 2018 will be staffed by over 200 enthusiastic adult Girl Guide volunteers. These volunteers are dedicated to the smooth running of the event to ensure it is an unforgettable experience for all, and we thank each and every one of them for their time and skills.

What you need to know….
There is a variety of areas in which you can volunteer for the week or some for shorter periods of time. Some of the roles require up-to-date experience and relevant qualifications along with a good level of fitness while other roles maybe less physically demanding but could require good admin skills. It will be a case of matching you with roles available, your skills and experience, interests and health and fitness levels.
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The camp will consist of seven Groups. Each Group has its own dedicated team of experienced volunteers. Six Groups will contain sub-camps of youth with support from experienced leaders. While the seventh Group is Sydney Harbour, which is for adult volunteer staff who can choose to either camp outdoors (BYO tent) or in indoor dormitory style accommodation in a separate area to the youth camp.  


Sub-camp teams of five leaders consist of:
  • Sub-camp Leader who has current Outdoor  Camping Qualifications
  • Program & International, Catering (2) and Health, Welfare & Inclusion (current First Aid qualification)
For these roles you will be required to hold a current Girl Guides Australia adult qualification or M.O. equivalent. When applying you will be able to nominate a Sub-camp Leader or another qualified adult you wish to be on staff with. (It will be helpful if you know their Database Registration Number to include in your registration when asked).
The allocation of roles will take into account your experience and interests to ensure teams have a mix of skill levels.


Sydney Harbour Group


 Staff in this group will include a mix of Leaders, Managers, Olave Program, Trefoil Guild, adult members and other adult volunteers. Over the week you will be rostered, by the Sydney Harbour Group Leader, to assist with various tasks depending on the day’s requirements. Each will be rewarding and give volunteers time to meet and work with a variety of women from across Australia, of different ages as well as International visitors.   


The variety of roles include: –

Program activities, International support, Logistics & Transport, Catering, Staff dining hall, Equipment, Hygiene, Site (ensuring any signage or equipment is in place for each day), Administration (assisting in the Jamboree office), Security (ensuring all entering and leaving site for Jamboree are appropriately identified) and other tasks as they become evident.